Get Started with Canvas

Moodle will not be available for instruction after Summer 2019.

Migrating content from Moodle, using our Canvas template, and learning six core Canvas skills are ways to get started more quickly with Canvas. LATIS staff can help you with planning, migration and course design.



Blog Posts

Video Discussions with Flipgrid

Are you looking for a way to have students utilize video recordings within online discussion forums? Flipgrid may be a great option for you to consider!

Flipgrid is an external tool that allows instructors to post discussion prompts and have students submit short video recordings in response. It also creates a thread in which students can continue the dialogues in a discussion format. The platform is FREE to use.


Analytics BETA for Tracking Student Grades

A new tool has been added to your Canvas course sites that allows you to view your students’ progress. The tool is in beta testing, so it may contain some bugs.

You can use the tool to see at-a-glance how students are performing in relation to each other on an assignment-by-assignment basis:

Screenshot of interactive table in Analytics BETA


Migrate from Moodle

Request a Course Migration

Move content from your Moodle courses to get a jump start in Canvas. We can do this for you or you can move it yourself.

Learn about Canvas

Learn about Canvas

Learn about building and teaching in Canvas, including self-paced online options and a CLA example site and template.


Workshops and Training

Attend a workshop in person or online to deepen your learning about building and teaching in Canvas.