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Canvas Student Groups

Instructors can create Groups for students within Canvas for group projects and assignments. You can set up Groups by clicking on the People tab in the course navigation menu. Then, click on the Groups tab at the top of the screen. You must first create a Group Set in order to create groups--similar to the Groupings and Groups functions in Moodle.


Troubleshooting Peer Reviews in Canvas

Canvas offers a Peer Review feature for assignments and discussion forums. You can read more about the basics and how to set them up in a previous blog post. This post will discuss some issues students may encounter when completing peer reviews on Canvas and how to troubleshoot these problems.


Grading Feedback: Instructor View vs. Student View

The feedback you write for students is a valuable way to help them improve--but in Canvas, they may not even know you’ve left it for them! Make sure students are seeing the feedback you leave for them by watching the tips in this video on feedback use in Canvas SpeedGrader (4 min).

New Canvas Features (10/17/18)

Peer reviews on To Do list

Assignments with peer reviews enabled have now been added as To Do list items on Canvas. This means peer reviews will be shown in the To Do list located on the right-hand side of a course homepage from a student perspective.



Screencast-O-Matic is a screen recording software tool that is available FREE for UMN instructors, staff, and students. The software allows you to make video recordings of your computer screen and record audio at the same time.


Screencast-O-Matic is great for:

Voice Recognition in SpeedGrader

The SpeedGrader feature in Canvas offers a voice recognition tool for adding comments when grading assignments. This allows you to simply record your voice and Canvas automatically turns it into written text for the student to view once the assignment has been graded.


Sorting Students in SpeedGrader

The SpeedGrader feature in Canvas automatically sorts students in alphabetical order. You are also able to sort students by the date of their assignment submissions, the submission status (needs grading, not submitted, etc.) and by course sections.


Canvas Roll Call Attendance Tool

Canvas has a built-in tool that allows you to easily take attendance for your course. You can access the tool through the course navigation menu. Students will not be able to see this menu item and there is no need to hide it in the course Settings.


Learn more about how to:

Grading in Canvas vs. Moodle

While the names for many parts of Canvas’ grading system are different from what they were in Moodle, much of the functionality remains the same. The table below describes how Moodle and Canvas differ in the titles they give different aspects of the gradebook.


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