Analytics BETA for Tracking Student Grades

Wednesday, November 14, 2018 - 11:00am

A new tool has been added to your Canvas course sites that allows you to view your students’ progress. The tool is in beta testing, so it may contain some bugs.

You can use the tool to see at-a-glance how students are performing in relation to each other on an assignment-by-assignment basis:

Screenshot of interactive table in Analytics BETA

This screenshot shows the Analytics BETA interface and the types of information you can look at. The class average has 17 students,8 students with missing assignments, and 15 students with late submissions across the semester. The average grade for this class is 86.5%.

Screenshot of data points for assignments in Analytics BETA

Clicking on any given dot reveals more details about individual assignments, including the name of the assignment, average grade, and counts for missing and late submissions.

You can access Canvas Analytics BETA if you are a teacher, TA, or designer in the Canvas course.


Access Analytics BETA data

To access Canvas Course Analytics BETA data, add it to your course menu.

  1. Click on Settings in the course navigation menu and click into the Navigation tab.Settings option in the course navigation menuNavigation tab in Canvas course settings
  2. Click and drag the Analytics BETA from the disabled menu items into the top section to activate the tool. (Alternatively, you can select Enable from the 3-dots menu next to the Analytics BETA item.)Screenshot of Analytics BETA being enabled in navigation menu
  3. Click on the “Save” button.
  4. To view the analytics, return to the main course page and click on the Analytics BETA link in the course menu.


Additional Features

Canvas Analytics Beta allows you to:

  • Look at the average grades of all the students in the course
  • Filter average grades by assignment types (assignments, discussions, quizzes)
  • Sort average grades by Groups/Sections created in Canvas
  • View a table of grades for each individual student
  • Download a CSV file of all the data analytics in a Canvas course
  • Email data to students who fit a certain criteria (ex. missing an assignment submission) in a Canvas course


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