End of Semester Canvas Grading Checklist

Wednesday, December 12, 2018 - 10:00am

Fall semester is coming to an end and we have outlined some final steps to take before exporting final grades in Canvas to PeopleSoft.


Unmute assignments

Muted assignments do not show up in Grades from a student’s perspective but they do count towards the final grade when you export to PeopleSoft. Unmute all assignments that you want to count towards the final grades and delete any that you don’t. This way, students will see the same grade on Canvas as they will on their transcript.


Enter zeros in gradebook for missing assignments

The Canvas gradebook does not automatically set missing assignments to a zero point value. This can result in inflated grades that are not reflective of the student’s actual performance in the course. You can either manually enter a zero for each missing assignment or use Set Default Grade.


  • Do NOT use the Treat Ungraded Assignments as Zero feature to complete your gradebook for final submission! Using this option in the gradebook does not actually enter a zero for missing work. It only changes the way the instructor sees the gradebook.
  • To excuse a student from an assignment in the gradebook, type in EX in the appropriate Gradebook cell and that assignment will not be calculated as part of the student’s overall grade.


Review the grades in the total column in your gradebook

Double check that your gradebook in Canvas has the same number of points you have outlined in your course syllabus. You may also want to manually calculate the grades for one or two students in the class to make sure the Canvas calculations are correct.


Export final grades for upload

Navigate to “Export Final Grades for Upload” in your course navigation menu to access instructions and the tool for exporting final grades to PeopleSoft. Make sure you follow ALL the instructions provided to ensure that students will see the same grade calculations on Canvas as they will on their transcript.


Submit grades to PeopleSoft

Follow Academic Support Resources (ASR) instructions to “Upload grades to PeopleSoft from a spreadsheet.”


Proxies must be manually enrolled in Canvas

Users with a Proxy role in a class in PeopleSoft must be manually enrolled by an instructor (or other authorized user). Navigate to the People tab in the course navigation menu and click the “+ People” button to add the proxy user using their UMN email address.


Grade types that must be entered manually in PeopleSoft

Grades of ‘I’, ‘K’, or ‘X’, are not calculated and cannot be generated by the Canvas gradebook. These grade types must be entered manually in PeopleSoft/Faculty Center or by editing the “Export Final Grades for Upload” file before uploading it to PeopleSoft.