We have created a template that you can use to create a well-designed, navigable Canvas course site that will provide a good experience for your students. An image of an example site is visible below. You may also log in and browse the example site.

This example site and template are for companion course sites, the type of course site most commonly created in CLA. Used for courses where the majority of the instruction is face-to-face, companion sites typically include a syllabus, readings, and other resources. Students also might submit assignments through the course site. 

CLA Canvas Example Site

Import from Commons

You can import the template directly from the Canvas Commons. Here's how:

  1. Navigate to Commons from global navigation at the bottom left of your Canvas dashboard
  2. Search "CLA Canvas Template Site" and select.
  3. On right side of your screen, indicate the course(s) you want to import it into
  4. Click the green button Import into Canvas

You are, of course, free to further customize the template to fit your particular course context and needs after you have imported it into your Canvas site.