Migrate from Moodle

Request Course Migration

LATIS staff will move your Moodle content to a Canvas development site. Fill out this form to get started. Deadline for guaranteed migration of your course for Spring 2019 is November 2, 2018.

Migration Information

  • Migration will take four weeks.
  • Any course can be submitted, but priority will be given to those being taught in an upcoming semester.
  • Submit the form for EACH Moodle course you would like migrated to Canvas.
  • You may continue to use your Moodle site without interruption. All migration work will occur within Moodle and Canvas Development sites without student data.

Migration Service Levels

We will prepare your final Canvas site to one of these levels:

No matter which service level you select, you will need to do the final preparation in Canvas to make the site ready for your course. This will include due dates, quiz preparation, gradebook set up, and design choices.

Migrate a Moodle Site on your Own

You can migrate a Moodle site on your own. Follow the guidelines.